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“Whether that means individually, state by state, or by a sweeping decision, that remains to be seen, but I’ll still do everything I can to fight for and support it and advocate it, and that’s all I can do.” Quinto is a Drama School graduate from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.He joined forces with fellow alumni, actor Neal Dodson and producer Corey Moosa, to create Before The Door Pictures in 2009.I went in and put myself on tape for the casting directors back in April. Quinto is only the second person ever to play an adult Spock on the big screen and he was open to taking advice from his predecessor, the late Leonard Nimoy.Then I left the country a couple of days after that for a while to travel during the summer. In that 2007 Coming interview, Quinto said that he did meet with Nimoy before filming started on Star Trek and had “profound respect” for Nimoy’s work.“Obviously, we all had Pittsburgh and CMU in common, and here we are together again, starting a new thing.” The company is best known for producing the films of writer/director J. Chandor, beginning with his first, the Oscar-nominated Margin Call (2011).

His decision also came after starring in a New York revival of Angels in America.On the other side of the door was an obstacle that you didn’t want to face but you had to,” Moosa said.“We wanted a name that would tie us all together,” Dodson added.Quinto is Spock for a third time in Star Trek Beyond, which opens on July 22. When Quinto got the role, he was still working on Heroes, so a schedule had to be worked out.Everything went smoothly and by Comic-Con 2007, Paramount was ready to announce that Quinto would play Spock.

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