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New to the ways of AIT magic, Denise sometimes has trouble following the rules and misuses her magic.Denise's magic often has flaws or consequences that she fails to acknowledge, such as a ping pong paddle that could slow down time but ended up trapping Carl in a slowed time dimension.Now in the 21th century humankind has advanced much further.(Too bad it costed her roughly 400 year of her life but then again she is immortal so years shouldn't really matter to her).Porter then tells that he didn't like what he did (beaming up with the zombie clone)and assures her that he is her friend.Denise recently has been changed back into a human.Denise is the newest Angel-In-Training roaming the halls of Bennett High.

who is in love with Carl Montclaire, even though he is not a popular kid (although he tries to become one with the help of his AIT Porter Jackson).

Denise spends most of the episode, beaming away from Porter and enjoying Carlie's misfortune.

To show Denise how Carlie feels, Porter turns her into "Denny".

Another one of her magical mess ups was when she turned Carl into "Carlie" for being inconsiderate on their first date.

However, when Denise attempts to change Carlie back to Carl, her magic does not work and they learn that Carl must fully understand what it means to be a girl before he can go back to being a boy.

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