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"Castleton China, Inc." began manufacturing china in 1939. Churchill China Company is an English firm with roots dating back over 100 years. Dinnerware produced by the 4 factories can be marked either, James Adler, Queens, Dining In or Churchill. Chasing down the history of dinnerware companies can be as difficult as tracing one's own ancestry. The company was founded by Ted and Martha Nierenberg.

So far I just have four patterns bearing the Churchill name. What started out as Spode Pottery in the 1770s became Copeland and Garrett in 1833 when William Taylor Copeland renamed it. The dinnerware is produced in several different countries, including Japan, Portugal and China.

They produced dinner, glass and tableware in numerous patterns and colors but are probably most well-known for their Jade-ite pieces.So far I have only been able to find pieces in Thatch, Guinea Gold and Cola Brown. Any help in identifying this dinnerware would be appreciated!I'm not really sure about the origins of this company.Continental Kilns was a relatively short-lived company that began in Chester, West Virginia in 1944. Denwar Ceramics (aka Denwar Studios) of Costa Mesa, California was formed in 1946 by Esther Sietmann Warner and her husband Jo Dendel (hence: Den-War). In the later years they turned their interests to fiber arts, such as weaving and spinning.This dinnerware is getting more and more popular with collectors. The plates only say "El Rancho Hand Painted" on the bottom so I don't know if El Rancho is the name of the manufacturer or the pattern.

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