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When comparing Mahabharata to the Russian chronicles, we restored many details of the Russian Horde history preserved in the 'ancient' Aryan Epic, but lost in Russia.

They were either forgotten or cleansed by the Romanovs' historians.

# The central theme of the Epic is the great battle of the people in the Kuru field.

and was finally completed only in the XVII-XVIII cc.

Using this interactive map, you will find the perfect accommodation for your holiday and explore the island of Brač.

Discover hidden beaches and the natural beauty of the island.

The Indian God KRISHNA (Buddha) – is the image of Jesus CHRIST, transformed on local grounds.

On the territories of the vigorously expanding 'Mongol' Empire reigned the Apostolic Christianity rooted in the XII century.The authors sympathise with Arjuna = Dmitry Donskoy and are ill-disposed towards Duryodhana = Mamai.Similar is the point of view of the Russian chronicles: 'good Dmitry' and 'evil Mamai'.# Mahabharata narrates about the 'Mongol' conquest of the XV century.The famous Indian Aryans are 'Yuryievans' ('Yuiryievtsy') = Georgyievans (Georgyievtsy), i.e.

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