Whitney keith survivor dating

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Then to avoid a purple rock Tiebreaker, John Cochran flips from the alliance to the opposing alliance, which results in Keith being the first person sent to Redemption Island post-merge.

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So we canceled everything and lost a lot of deposits.” Adds Tollefson, 28: “We didn’t want to change the wedding, but how often do you get an opportunity like this? And this was a chance to show that we weren’t just a showmance; we’re a real couple with a real relationship.” The couple won’t tell PEOPLE how well they did on the , but there’s one good sign that it didn’t destroy their relationship: They got married after returning to the states.

The areas where I’m weak, she’s strong, and vice versa.

Occupation: Water Treatment Tech Personal claim to fame: I graduated college and moved to Hawaii for two years because that was my dream. She raised me and my sister with little help and eventually bought a house for us after saving for years.

She taught me how to be a gentleman even while I was causing trouble when I was young.

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