Vs2016 designer file not updating

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I sincerely hope that MS will take this issue seriously. When swichting between designer and code the designer amends the filepath for the src of the image. It seems like it would actualy be quicker to just edit the HTML code manually, instead of trying all kind of work arounds to get this to work.

It keeps adding something like [S]file:// to the filepath resulting in VS hanging. I have applied the hotfix but it doesn't really seem to fix this, I still have problems like trying to rename a button, only to see it magicaly change it's name back to what it had before and then sometimes it will disappear completly.

I have checked this and verified - switching between Design and Source views shows that what is shown in Design view is not being applied to the source code (html). Do you have a date for when this fix will be implemented?

As a workaround for this issue I create a new page and use the designer on that.

I've just changed name and label of 12 textboxes including their labels, only to suddenly have VS2008 roll back everything and of course undo doesn't work at all.

To be fully honest, I H A T E the (so called) HTML designer in VS2008 right now, it is a usless piece of crap!

This is driving me so cracy right now, I do check in:s after each succesful page update now just to make sure that VS2008 doesnt suddenly decide to do a roll back on me and delete everything I have done.

Havn't done manual HTML editing in 5 years but with VS2008 it seems to be the only option...

All has been perfectly fine for weeks, then for no identifiable reason, suddenly it refuses to move any design changes to the ASPX.

I then manually copy the generated aspx code back into my original page (where the designer is broken).

Not the best solution, but it still lets you use the designer to generate the aspx.

I always understood that the design view and its changes were rendered from the ASPX, but it now seems that is not the case - they must be held somewhere else, at least temporarily.

When I close the page containing the Details View it doesn't even ask if I want to save it, so it obviously doesn't think it has been changed.

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