Validating xml in java who is prince andrew currently dating

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In this case, validating your XML against schemas becomes a real nightmare.

The RELAX NG specifications have been developed within OASIS by the RELAX NG Technical Committeee.

* @return null if no XSD is present in the XML document.

* * @param node The document (or child node) to traverse seeking processing * instruction nodes.

The main source file that has the problems noted above follows: package src; import *; import

final String attributes[] = Data().trim().split( "\s " ); String type = parse Name Value( attributes[0] )[1]; String href = parse Name Value( attributes[1] )[1]; // TODO: Schema should = //String schema = Named Item( "schematypens" ); if( "application/xml".equals Ignore Case( type ) && href !

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