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What I was really doing is working how best to communicate my ideas, but this installation isn’t replicating life as literally as a documentary would. Polly Putnam, Collections Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, did a post for A Day in the Creative Life, a Tumblr page organized by the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport.

So I thought I would borrow an idea from them and post about a day in life.

The artist made conscious decisions about how to weave our words and surroundings together: Whilst at any one moment only a single voice plays, thinking aloud – struggling to find meaning – collectively all five characters appear to be working together, evolving a visual language of gesture and animated body movement, grasping to find some shared form of resolution.

CERN has been celebrated for the way international communities collaborate, put individual agendas aside, and share knowledge and understanding, and the visual simultaneity within Mc Lachlan’s installation captures this collegiate approach.

I want to build models of how the universe works that are simple and beautiful, because these models have the best track record of predicting the broadest range of experimental results.

I want to build models of how the universe works that are simple and beautiful, because I believe the true rules of reality are simple and beautiful.

I want to write programs for analyzing data from experiments on how the universe works, because I find analyzing data to be challenging and fulfilling. If other people want to hear about it, tell them – or, if you prefer, don’t.Building on the success of rotating Twitter accounts like @realscientists, which I participated in last year, the CMS experiment has a new account: @CMSVoices.The idea is that it’s an account for talking to CMS members and hearing about their day-to-day work, in contrast with the official news from the @), but the account gives you the chance to interact with a new person each month, and it might even help us get some new tweeters started!If I remember correctly, it looks like mine was “What happened before the Big Bang?” I didn’t get to see the exhibit itself, but the review makes it clear that the installation went far beyond simply showing video of the interviewees.

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