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We’re assuming that as long as the Xbox One is getting guide data that Windows Media Center users will too. Is now the right time to abandon Windows Media Center? If you’re using the TV functionality, and you’re using a Cable CARD tuner with copy-protected channels, you don’t have many options.Windows Media Center is still the only PC-based DVR solution to support copy-protected Cable CARD usage.EVERY ONE when I download the Media Center update so I can watch HD channels works FINE until I turn them off - then when I turn them back on the update has disappeared and I have to redownload it again - making me NOT use the extenders!

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If you’d like to stay in the Microsoft camp, you can even use the Xbox One to view over-the-air TV, but you can’t use it to record. So while there are obviously other options on the market for fans of Windows Media Center, we don’t feel that any of them offer the total solution that Media Center does.

That being said, it’s important to know that if you were to upgrade an existing Windows Media Center machine to Windows 10 you will lose Media Center.

On the flip side, why would you even want to upgrade a perfectly functioning HTPC?

Your favorite entertainment is at your fingertips with the Xbox One Media Remote.

You’re in control of Blu-ray movies, streaming video, apps, TV power, and volume.

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