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Steve, Attached is a list of the files you need and on which of the SD cards (Nav, PFD, MFD) they go:https://goo.gl/photos/r1Pq7sh HKra5jxj Z8If you're starting with blank SD cards you'll need to go to and make sure you select all the noted files. I remember reading somewhere that 4gb was maximum but I can't recall if there was some problem using HC.

As you then later update the cards, you're likely to not need to re-install the Basemap and Terrain files.

This object allows managed Ethernet switchgear to prioritize Ether Net/IP packets to provide even higher levels of determinism.

The Qo S object was defined by ODVA ( to be backward compatible with devices that did not support the Qo S object.

Portable Apps, win Pen Pack: LO3.3.0-LO6.0.2 and AOO4.1.5 Please, edit the initial post in the topic: add the word [Solved] at the beginning of the subject line - if your problem has been solved.

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Loading goes quickly from the card so I would just load both sides. You can use the same NAV card to update the PFD and MFD and remove it when you are done. The cards stay where you have placed them (1 in the PFD lower, and 2 in the MFD)The top MFD slot will record flight data on that NAV card that you can take home and analyze, plug into maps, have Savvy analyze if you see any hiccups, etc.Rockwell Automation is aware of the problem, and has a knowledge base article that discusses the issue (#63904 - and suggests that users update the firmware in their Ethernet modules to fix the issue.The following firmware revisions fix the problem in the following Rockwell modules:1788-ENB: 2.4.1L2x E/L3x E: V171756-ENBT: 4.5.11756-EWEB: 4.5.31768-ENBT: 2.1.01768-EWEB: 1.2.91794-AENT: 4.1.1If you have one of these modules with an older revision, then you should update the Rockwell Ethernet module firmware, if possible.Hi, I need to change password in one directory from the values in another directory.When I tried to use the Ignition Updater I get the device error please call technical support under details it says Device SKU cannot be determined.

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