Updating miva merchant 4 miva engine 5 1

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Leave it in this state until you are comfortable with the new store, and your have finished processing any open orders in the old store.

Keeping the store "closed for maintenance" will prevent orders from being placed there after you have switched operations to your Miva Merchant 5 store.

In the left navigation area, under Stores, expand the menu for the store you want to export.

Expand the Utilities submenu, then the Export Data submenu. Click Export, or change the name of the export file and then click Export.

They want me to unistall my miva 4 store and then do the upgrade.

Well I can't shut down my store to develop the new one. My question is: Has anyone succesfuly upgraded a miva 4 store to miva 5 and your miva 4 store was using openui?

In that directory, locate the file (or a file by the name you specified).

A store cannot be imported if the manager is not present in the users list.

By using this technique, you can direct shoppers to your new store.

Step 5: Create the Provisioning File (provide.xml) from Your Miva Merchant 4 Store When you installed the Miva Merchant 5 Upgrade Site Application, two upgrade modules were uploaded to your VPS.

Once you are secure with the new Miva Merchant 5 store, and have completed any unfinished business in the old store, you can delete the store.

Also see the suggested meta refresh technique, described below under Handle Links Coming in to The Store.

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