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I have seen some instances where the changes on views have been ignored.But control F5 has seemed to take care of this mostly.

Now script is being changed and being run, but still the cached page is being displayed. In addition, I am noting that when you step through scripts and code, instead of being returned to the browser's display of the web site, it is now necessary to manually minimize the VS2012 interface. That way I can be sure user get the latest updates.

How can Rollout allow you to push code-level updates to live i OS apps and be fully compliant with Apple’s guidelines? Our lawyers asked me to let you know that this isn’t legal advice, but you don’t need a law degree to understand the wording in Apple’s official guidelines.

Apple’s guidelines explicitly permit you to push executable code directly to your app, bypassing the App Store, under these two conditions: With Rollout’s SDK you can update and modify your Objective-C methods with logic written in Java Script so we’re good on the first condition.

— Whether a flush should be forced even if it is not necessarily needed ie. This is useful if transaction log IDs should be incremented even if no uncommitted changes are present.

(This setting can be considered as internal) — If set to true the flush operation will block until the flush can be executed if another flush operation is already executing. If set to false the flush will be skipped iff if another flush operation is already running.

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