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mac OS and NEXTSTEP have a background in a kind of UNIX called BSD (more specifically Free BSD and Net BSD).The core of mac OS is an open source OS called Darwin, but Darwin itself cannot run mac OS software.OS X Lion was first shown to the public at the "Back to The Mac" event in 2010, announced more at WWDC 2011, and released on July 20, 2011.It featured i OS like features such as a launchpad, the magic trackpad coming to Mac Books, and a new solar system color scheme.Wireless printers allow a single printer to be networked by other computers on your wireless network, allows you to make a central location for all printer users, allows you to place the printer further from your computer without running USB cable or further than USB code allows. is the name of an operating system for computers made by Apple Inc. It differs from other computers, as mac OS is supposed to run only on Macs and not on other computers.Macs have generic drivers for most of the printers so it should work once you get it networked, if you need more features or options then the Manufacturers drivers will give them.

It was completely redesigned featuring a 3D Dock, a new purple color scheme, and over 200 new features.It adds more features from i OS 5 and 6 to the Mac such as notifications, messaging, game center, and gaming with people on i Phones, i Pods, and i Pads.OS X Mavericks was announced on June 10, 2013 at the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference.Apple stopped the Public Beta in March 2001 because of the recent release of OS X 10.0.On March 24, 2001 Apple released Mac OS X for the first time aka OS X v10.0 (codenamed Cheetah), but rather than being an excellent and successful operating system version, it was a failure due to its many computer bugs and glitches and its slow performance.

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