Updating dvd burner firmware

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Compared with our top Blu-ray pick, it’s about 30 percent faster at ripping Blu-ray discs—which comes out to around 15 minutes per disc—and slightly faster burning them, for about the same price.But if Blu-rays are more of an occasional need for you, and you mostly use DVDs, our top pick is a better choice.We also showed the drives to a handful of people for design comparison, and noted how sturdy the drives, buttons, cables, and plugs felt.

While it’s only a third of the price of a Blu-ray drive, if you think you’ll need a Blu-ray drive at some point, the better option is to spend the money on a Blu-ray model now than to have to buy a second optical drive later.

But plenty of people still need to use such a drive occasionally, whether to play a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, install software that isn’t downloadable from the Internet, or back up data or a personal media library.

If you still need an optical drive, but only sometimes, you’re better off getting one that connects via USB rather than buying a chunky laptop with a built-in drive.

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