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Today we are famous for our Pendolino trains operating on the West Coast Main Line, for servicing Northern Line rolling stock and for building some of the UK biggest infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and the National Electrification Programme.

1823: Robert Stephenson & Co founded to build railway engines 1829: Stephenson's Rocket is built for, and wins, the Rainhill Trials, held to determine which locomotive would be best for the planned Liverpool and Manchester Railway (also constructed by RS&Co) 1880: Dick Kerr & Co is founded in Kilmarnock, Scotland, to build steam locomotives to haul tramcars.

Nick Crossfield - Managing Director Alstom UK & Ireland Alstom has operated in the UK in one form or another for almost 200 years, with predecessor companies including such famous names as Robert Stephenson & Co, Edison Swan, English Electric and, probably most famously, GEC.

That history means that we have operated in Rugby for almost 125 years and in Stafford for well over 100, have made rolling stock for the Tube for 80 years, and helped invent both the jet engine and the hologram.

It expanded in 1897, choosing to do so on a disused site in Preston – the same site still occupied by Alstom more than 130 years later 1918: English Electric Company is formed, taking over Dick Kerr & Co 1938: Metropolitan-Cammell provides London Underground stock for Northern, Bakerloo, Piccadilly, East London and Central Lines 1961: English Electric begins production of the Deltic diesel-electric locomotive, the most powerful diesel locomotives in the world at that time 1969: English Electric merges with GEC under the short-lived name The General Electric and English Electric Company 1989: GEC Alsthom formed from merger of power and transport activities of Compagnie Générale d’Electricité and GEC 1989: Metropolitan-Cammell’s railway business sold to GEC Alsthom 1998: The company becomes Alstom as it floats on the London, New York and Paris stock exchanges 1999: Alstom and Fiat Ferroviaria jointly receive the largest ever contract of its kind to supply and maintain 53 Pendolino tilting trains to Virgin trains for use on the West Coast Mainline 2007: Alstom delivers the final section of the HS1 London-Paris line, the first high speed rail line in the UK Dec.

19 2014: Alstom Shareholders Meeting authorises the sale of the Alstom Energy businesses to General Electric 2015: Alstom acquire the joint venture Signalling Solutions.

The total tram network is now 32km in length, serves seven parks and ride sites, and is able to cater for up to 20 million passenger journeys a year.

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