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WFP is responding quickly, delivering food to the most vulnerable. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa and ongoing conflict in Syria, South Sudan, Iraq and Central African Republic are threatening lives and livelihoods.

It’s almost impossible to run out of different bars and clubs to check out here. That’s the one part about nightlife in Bogota that some people have qualms with. You’ll definitely meet people who speak English while out at night in Bogota. While Bogota nightlife is a great time, it’s not “that” cheap.

The diversity of religions and people is so vast one would have though it impossible in a place like Suriname.

The most pleasant surprise is how well everyone respects the beliefs and feelings of the many different segments of the population.

Other than that, here are a few things to know about going out in Zona T before we talk about the top spots: The weekends on or after the 15th and the 31st are always insane here. You’d literally need six months to a year to check out every single spot.

You’ll find 3X as many people out on these nights compared to others. And you’d only do that if you were a legit alcoholic.

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