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1900: Gold - Reginald Doherty & Hugh "Laurie" Doherty, Britain; Silver - Basil Spalding De Garmendia & Max Decugis, United States/France; Bronze - Andre Prevost & G. 1988: Gold - Steffi Graf, Germany; Silver - Gabriela Sabatini, Argentina; Bronze - Zina Garrison, United States, and Manuela Maleeva, Bulgaria.1924: Gold - Helen Wills, United States; Silver - Julie "Didi" Vlasto, France; Bronze - Kathleen "Kitty" Mc Kane, Britain. Dorothy Holman, Britain; Bronze - Kathleen "Kitty" Mc Kane, Britain.A formal proposal to rename the European Union the United States of Europe is clear evidence that a superstate is on the way, Eurosceptics warned last night.They said that along with plans for EU citizenship and the running of common foreign, security and defence policies 'on a federal basis', it would give the EU 'all the attributes of a state'.1906: Gold - Max Decugis & Maurice Germot, France; Silver - Xenophon Kasdaglis & Ioannis Ballis, Greece; Bronze - Zdenek "Jansky" Zemla & Ladislav "Razny" Zemla, Bohemia. Women's Singles 1996: Gold - Lindsay Davenport, United States; Silver - Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Spain; Bronze - Jana Novotna, Czech Republic.

1920: Gold - Oswald Noel Turnbull & Max Woosnam, Britain; Silver - Ichiya Kumagae & Seiichiro Kashio, Japan; Bronze - Max Decugis & Pierre Albarran, France.He warned: 'The draft constitution published today would endow the European Union with all the attributes of a state.'The EU will have a single legal personality and will operate on "a federal basis".The name change is part of a 'preliminary draft constitutional treaty' published by former French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing, chairman of a year-long Convention on Europe's future.The aim is to give the EU a written constitution - a move which sceptics claim is a key part of the development of a single state.

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