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The key point you convey is that you want them to have the best sex life possible, and frivolous sex with boys who want to use you for your body does not accomplish this.It is fairly easy to do with the steady stream of women life puts in our path who are dealing with the issues that resulted from sex with guys who left them or beat them or became alcoholics in front of them, etc.we offered to have our weekend gatherings at his place, to which we'd always bring half a dozen or more guns, each...

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If I have any say at all in the kind of ladies (note: I said “LADIES”) my boys bring home to date, they must follow mama’s very simple rules.

A father's job is this: To love his daughters so much that when she begins dating, she will have a fantastic living example of what being respected and loved looks like.

That way, love starved daughters will never need to run around looking for their missing affection from boys via sex.

As classmates watched, one supposedly taped the act on a camera phone. While the students' conduct was wildly inappropriate, the teacher must have had blinders on. " A few years back, a buddy of mine's daughter was about 3...

we were giving him crap about having to fight off male suitors in a decade or so...

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