Speed dating in danbury ct

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"Apps are so impersonal and can be overwhelming, taking up a lot of time and energy.

What I do is take away all of the work by doing it for you."Born and raised in Brooklyn, Norford began her career in publishing in New York and after switching career paths into banking, relocated to Ohio.

She and her husband, also from New York, were friends for ten years before they finally took a chance on each other and, two kids and a happy marriage later, are still going strong.

The couple moved to Chicago after her husband's job relocated them and after five years in the windy city are happy to be back in close proximity to New York.

They set the matches up on a date and afterwards, provide valuable feedback.

This provides her clients with valuable insight to help people to become more successful on future dates.

From my first college internship with talk shows to my career as a professional matchmaker, helping people find their own way to happiness has always been my passion."The friendly vibe of Chicago's downtown area was the perfect start for her singles nights she planned while building her business.

Now that Norford is in Connecticut, she's decided to relaunch Connectricity with a big party at Village Tavern in Ridgefield."In 2009, I married my best friend of ten years, Brad– the only man who ever got me to move to a new city for him.

When you participate in our proactive feedback process, our team hears your constructive feedback on what you like on your dates and what maybe didn't click.

Our plan is to host Singles nights monthly and build a database across Fairfield and Westchester Counties," Norford stated.

For people who are looking for accomplished, educated, commitment-minded singles, Norford said her approach seems to work.

It's a sensitive topic for people in general and my personalized approach makes it much easier," Norford explained."We chose the Village Tavern for the hip, modern vibe and it's located in the heart of the area we fell in love with.

That upscale vibe represents clients on Connectricity.

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