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This is because men and women prefer different things.

Men usually like to watch short, fast action while women enjoy longer, more romantic scenes.

Good luck, James Preece – The Dating Guru dirty weekend away can be just the thing to spice up your lovelife.

If you are planning a naughty getaway then a little pre-planning can make it much more memorable.

If you write a friendly, polite and engaging email then they’ll be more likely to respond. Very few people will agree to meet up with you after just one short email. You’ve put in the hard work and found someone who wants to have sex with you. If you delay it too long or make excuses, you’ll start to worry and they’ll call it off.

It can take time to get to know each other and establish if there is any connection and reason to meet. Good luck, James Preece – The Dating Guru Do you like watching porn? Whether we admit it or not, many people like to watch porn in their spare time.

Once you’ve found some common ground, settle down with a few drinks and watch a film together.

Even if you one of you finds it boring or funny, just have it on in the background while you have sex instead.

You might sign up for one of these at the promise of easy conquests, only to be disappointed when you realise they are fake profiles.

The most important thing is to set the scene so choose the venue wisely .

Half of the turn on is actually in her head so you want to let her know you’ve made a big effort to impress her.

Porn is all about fantasy which in turns sparks the imagination.

Firstly, talk about what sort of thing you get off on.

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