Sample describe yourself for dating purposes

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When it comes to personal accounts, it’s considered a best practice to include the name or official handle of your employer on your public-facing profiles.

This will help make your profile more discoverable for anyone who wants to reach out online, and give a sneak peek of your resume.

Updating your social media bio helps inform your followers about the latest change, and properly introduce your brand to new followers.

Each bio description is unique to the user, so instead of telling you how to fill out your ‘About Me’ section, we’ve come up with six questions your social media bio should answer in order to accurately represent your brand.

So, just as your cover photo and profile picture represent your personal or professional brand visually, your bio description can encapsulate the overall tone of your messages.

If Hillary Clinton can identify herself as a “pantsuit aficionado” while running for President of the United States, surely you can think of something more descriptive to put in your profile!

Take this as an opportunity to talk about your hobbies or passions outside of work, or any volunteer work you do and causes you support—anything to show off how multifaceted you are as an individual.

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