Sade who is she dating

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And the other photographer took off on foot after the driver." It took her a long time and effort to recover but Sade, being a fighter since her early days never gave up. Since the driver was never caught, nobody knows who was behind this life threatening incident.It is speculated that Catherine, O’Malley’s wife was behind all this.Her father was Nigerian, and her mother was German.She was then adopted by Edie House, the former WBAL anchor and her parents, James, and Edith. Talking about her relationship status, Sade, 47 is currently single with no intentions of getting married.On July 23, 2014, while Sade and her reporting team were preparing a report about the flooding in Hackensack, New Jersey, Sade was hit by a car. I flew ten feet into the air and landed in some water.I had one photographer who thought I was dead -- who saw me in the puddle of water.But there were claims that Governor O’Malley was having an extra-marital affair with Baderinwa.Not just an affair, but it was rumored that Sade was even pregnant after their affair rumors surfaced.

And when the drama involves affairs, pregnancy rumors, and alleged death threats stuff gets quite heated.And it was there that Sade almost lost her life after being hit by the car.Several people still believe that the rumor about Sade and O-Malley’s affair was true and the secret would have been revealed if the former was not hit by the mysterious car.But she does have her dark secrets, her dirty past that will haunt her for the rest of her life.The Eyewitness News co-anchor was said to have had an affair with Democratic Presidential candidate, O-Malley, who was then the Governor of Maryland.

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