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The new legislation formalised and enforced what had been considered a traditional, moral duty to family and the State; all men between 25 and 60 years of age, and all women between 20 and 50 were to marry and have children, or pay extra tax in proportion to their wealth.Members of the upper classes thus faced had most to lose.Marriage and remarriage had become less frequent; and the citizen birth-rate had fallen, particularly among the wealthier, more leisured classes.

Consortium is a word used for the sharing of property, usually used in a technical sense for the property held by heirs, but could also be used in the context of marriage.Among elite families of the early Republic, manus marriage was the norm; Free marriage usually involved two citizens of equal or near-equal status, or a citizen and a person who held Latin rights.In the later Imperial period and with official permission, soldier-citizens and non-citizens could marry.Such usage was commonly seen in Christian writings.However, the sharing of water and fire (aquae et ignis communiciatio) was symbolically more important. Worldly possessions transferred automatically from the wife to the husband in archaic times, whereas the classical marriage kept the wife's property separate.

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