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But the chief distinction seems to be that which divides them into general and particular rubrics.

The first are the rules common to the same sacred function, e.g., those which regulate the recitation of the Divine Office, whether considered as a whole, in its chief parts, or in its secondary parts; they are at present printed under thirty-four titles in the editions of the Roman Breviary at the head of the part for autumn; those which regulate the celebration of Mass printed at the beginning of the Roman Missal (twenty titles containing the general rules, thirteen others giving the rite to be followed in the celebration, and ten others explaining the defects which may occur); those which regulate the administration of the sacraments (given by the Ritual at the beginning of each of the sacraments, as also by the Pontifical for the sacraments administered by a bishop ).

But even in these cases there is a certain prescription : a third prayer must be said, which is left to the choice of the celebrant; half of the "Dies Iræ" may not be said, but it must either be omitted or said entire.

Rubrical indications whose obligatory character is completely lacking, such as the prayers in preparation for Mass, "pro opportunitate sacerdotis facienda", are exceptional instances, the very terms of which show what is to be understood, but these exceptions merely confirm the thesis.

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Among the ancients, according to Columella, Vitruvius, and Pliny, the word rubrica , rubric, signified the red earth used by carpenters to mark on wood the line to follow in cutting it; according to Juvenal the same name was applied to the red titles under which the jurisconsults arranged the announcements of laws.

Writers distinguish between the rubrics of the Breviary, the Missal, and the Ritual, according as the matter regulated concerns the Divine Office , the Mass, or the sacraments ; and again between essential and accidental rubrics according as they relate to what is of necessity or to external circumstances in the act which they regulate, etc.

De Herdt is still more explicit: Rubricæ sunt regulæ juxta quas officium divinum persolvi, Missæ sacrificum celebrari, et sacramenta administrari debent.

It is true that many others admit the distinction between preceptive and directive rubrics, as De Herdt does, but they write from the standpoint of conscience, and when they excuse infractions of the rule it is in virtue of special reasons due to circumstances.

Hittorp's publication has been much discussed, Cardinal Bona (De divina psalmodia, i, 604) regarding the collection as very ancient but overloaded with the ceremonies of subsequent ages, which is the case with all the ritualistic books. xxxv) characterizes it as a confused mass in which it is impossible to distinguish the most ancient and authentic practices.

In this primitive state rubrics and ceremonies were generally mingled.

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