Radical honesty in dating expensive dating sites

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"I'm not sure I'm even self-aware enough to give any sort of accurate portrayal of myself online if I tried.To me, Jessica Prusa’s project is compelling not because she is honest per se — when someone writes about how they have trouble writing a summary of themselves or that they prefer staying in with a book on Friday nights, they aren't lying."I’ve yet to determine whether or not operating on this level of transparency is actually productive," she concludes, Prusa’s project raises some interesting questions about intimacy in the technological age.She explores the simultaneously liberating and conflicted feeling many of us experience as a result of being open in relationships, online or otherwise.Perhaps most of all, online dating allows you to present the cutest, smartest, and most dateable version of yourself to potential partners.The photo of you backpacking in Costa Rica shows your adventurous side, the Toni Morrison on your "favorite book" list proves your cultural literacy, the self-summary you provide illuminates your perfect balance of down-to-earth attitude and sharp wit.Radical Honesty means that you have to say how you really feel, especially when you believe that you could either avoid If you lack an intrinsic sense of self-worth you may be tempted to censor yourself; to try to express yourself in terms of what would be acceptable or desirable to someone else.

Just maybe it’s you – not them – that finds your vulnerability so unlovable.

"The Ok Cupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth Telling," New York City artist Jessica Prusa explores this idea of online personaes using one of the most popular dating sites for young people.

For the project, Prusa created an Ok Cupid profile for a nude, self-portrait themed art exhibition and filled in all the sections with the cringe-worthy truth.

How does dating change when you can sculpt your own image online? What really constitutes "genuine" in the world of Ok Cupid?

Are most people horrified or endeared by someone who puts it all out there?

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