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This proved to be the first step in a new international, interdisciplinary collaboration which led to the the final NASP-sponsored Symposium at the XIVth INQUA Congress in Berlin: ‘Integration of terrestrial, offshore and ice-core data for high-resolution modelling of the North Atlantic during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition’. At a Workshop Session following the NASP Symposium, the INTIMATE programme was formally established, with John Lowe as Project Co-ordinator and Mike Walker as Secretary. In 2003 following the Reno Workshop at the XVIth INQUA Congress, and in response to the expanded remit of INTIMATE (see below), a new Steering Group was appointed, with Wim Hoek and Zicheng Yu as ex-officio members, seven regional co-ordinators (Svante Bjorck - Northern Europe; Thomas Litt - Central Europe; Sjoerd Bohncke - Western Europe; Blas Valero-Garces - Southern Europe; Les Cwynar - North American Atlantic Seaboard; Fabienne Marret - African Atlantic Seaboard; Karen-Luise Knudsen -Northern Atlantic/GIN Seas; Gerard Bond – Atlantic Marine Records; Sigfus Johnsen and Jorgen-Peder Steffensen – Ice-core Records (GRIP); Pieter Grootes; Ice-core records (GISP2); Bernd Kromer - Radiocarbon calibration; Siwan Davies - Tephrochonrology; and Hans Renssen - Palaeoclimatic modelling. He had been active in INTIMATE since the start of the project, was a keynote speaker at the INTIMATE Symposium in Durban in 1999, and attended several INTIMATE Workshops. Workshops and Symposia, 1995-2009 Following the inaugural meeting in Berlin, a series of Workshops and Symposia have been held during which the aims of the programme have been discussed and further developed. There have been nine International Workshops: Hoor, Sweden, October, 1997, convened by Svante Bjorck, Karen-Luise Knudsen, Sigfus Johnsen and Barbara Wohlfarth. by, Mike Walker, John Lowe & Wim Hoek Mike Walker, John Lowe, and Wim Hoek, who all have played key roles in INTIMATE over the years, have written this account of the development of the INTIMATE idea from the early nineties until today.

Discussion at the workshop centred on improving the reliability of correlation between marine, terrestrial and ice-core sequences.

A new radiocarbon calibration (CALIB 3.0) was published (Radiocarbon, 1993, 1); tephra horizons were increasingly being used as chronostratigraphic event markers; there were important new Greenland ice-core records from GRIP and GISP2; and quantified palaeo-oceanographic data were beginning to emerge from different sectors of the North Atlantic (Walker, 1995).

In response to these various initiatives, ice-core geophysicist Jorgen-Peder Steffensen, and marine scientists Gerard Bond and Chris Charles, were invited to join the NASP programme at the 1994 Workshop in The Netherlands.

Discussion centred on new records from the North Atlantic region, on geochronology, and on correlation. Towards a European tephrochronological framework for Termination 1 and the early Holocene.

The meeting was attended by 28 scientists from 8 countries. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, 360A, 767-802.

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