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Officers began an investigation amid complaints about antisocial behaviour in Stirling city centre and claim they found some of the 'beggars' own £500 i Phones.

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I texted him after the date to thank him and he said "We should keep in touch! And this time, be more practical, look closer to home.Men who aren't interested either will tell you they're not or vanish. It's up to you to decide if you will wait around until his schedule is more flexible. hes got you in the background in case the other ones dont work out . if the guy really want to be with you he wil make the time and he would also show you more interested .Make your own choice and live with your decision.i agreaa with the lady that said hes keeping his options open . if you keep chassing him he wil know you wil be around whenever he is done running around a cycle It seems like he is too busy, and the distance is probly an issue. He's interested, but doesn't know when he can commit to doing anything about it, and he's giving you the choice, either wait around for him or move on. There's no right our wrong answer, you can either wait or move on OP, if this guy was really interested you'd know it and wouldn't be questioning it.He's interested, but not a heck of a lot and leaving the door open during times when he's not dating someone he's really interested in to be able to date you...least until he gets "too busy" again. His position, intentions and interest level have been clearly stated.He has also given you a way out if you are not comfortable with his schedule.

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