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This makes finding your key easier, though there is a risk that some may use it to spam you. In this context it isn't important, but since this also makes the resultant file smaller, let's do it anyway. If you were going to send this to your mother, then you would use her key.

If that worries you too much, you can simply email it to them, or even physically hand it to them. Note that I also told it to remove the original file when I'm done. No one in their right mind will try to break your encrypted file when they can just read the unencrypted one. When you open Claws for the first time you need to configure it. Once you fill this in for both mail sending and receiving you will be taken into Claws. So I opened a new message dialog and made a message for myself.

GPG4Win is the Windows implementation of GPG, or GNU Privacy Guard, a public key encryption system.

Public key encryption is great for communications because anyone can send you a message by using your public key for encryption.

The beginner especially so, because using it is so damn easy! If you have Outlook, you can use that instead, but I won't be covering it. You will probably notice a big screen of menacing tabs, options, and toolbars.

Most of this is simple and self-explanatory and we won't be covering it right now. Without a key, we cannot receive encrypted messages (and without someone else's key, we can't send them). Once you click on new certificate, you will be taken into a series of prompts.

Personally I clicked on advanced settings so that I could set my key to expire in one year, but this is optional, not necessary, and I won't cover it.

Once you click on next it will ask you to double check your information. The standard rules for password security apply here.

You key is only as safe as your password, and if someone nefarious get a hold of your key, then they can impersonate you or read your encrypted mail. Once you enter your password you will be asked to type into a box while the program generates a new key for you.

You will need to send your public key to your friends before they can use it. Next, your going to send an encrypted email to yourself.

I suggest uploading to the directory service they offer. This add-on will add a context menu option for encryption, and signing your files. First, find the file you want to encrypt and right click on it. This is because archives are smaller, which makes plaintext attacks harder. Since you will be the recipient, you will use your key.

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