Paula abdul dating contestant

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Here’s what she had to say: She said it in such an adorable manner, it kind of just made me want to squeeze her.

Until I remembered exactly what would happen if that action was attempted.

The 12-year-old old was ecstatic and made her way over to the table, where she promptly hugged the judges and then vomited all over Paula Abdul.

She's not the only person to vomit on TV during the last several months, either, as the new Top Gear trailer also featured Chris Evans losing his lunch.

She totally crushed it, incorporating some acrobatics and some epic facial expressions during the dance.

Her moves were enough to land her praise from the judges, who immediately stood up and waved plane tickets at her, letting her know she was moving forward to the next round.

But the Simon Cowell NSFW info on this list goes above and beyond his interview blustering.

There’s nothing like the amazing shock factor of seeing a little girl contestant just throw up on one of the most popular reality TV judges of all time, except maybe when that little girl responds to throwing up all over one of her idols.(That one's far less amusing.) Abdul is actually a really kind lady, and totally took the whole thing in stride, cracking a joke about how that’s the first time she was vomited on while filming a TV show.The vomiting happens around the :38 second mark, for those who don’t have time to watch the actual cute dancing toward the beginning.To be fair, he's completely forgotten Melania was standing right next to him several times.Related: Taran Killam Calls Out 'Hypocrisy' Of Tragedy has struck Barcelona.

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