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) from the Internet which allows you to record exactly what is playing on your computer screen at any given time.Once they have recorded your interaction, this same software can be used to edit your video conversation….leaving you exposed to a recorded and edited version of yourself which can easily be distributed online by video sharing sites such as Youtube.

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Needless to say, in the days following the webcam incident, several threats were made to my client to either make a substantial cash payment, or alternatively face the likelihood of the video being released to the wider community and personally emailed to all 250 of his employees. Scammers also use this technique to threaten you with the release of the video unless a significant and ongoing amount is sent to them via Western Union. The same theory applies when speaking on webcam, they encourage you to ask a series of questions, you answer their questions with a series of everyday responses……and they record it.

This can easily be re-edited to be replayed to another individual under the guise of their new profile…which in this case is stolen identity.

What my client didn’t realise was the woman in the video was simply a replayed recording of an online soft porn star’s webcam.

The real person he had been interacting with was an ex-“girlfriend” who was unhappy that my client did not want to progress with their relationship further. If you have an open Facebook profile…they’ll steal all your pictures and create a new Facebook account under a different name, recreating your albums and further making individual profiles for each of your family members pictured in the photos (who you spent last Xmas with and posted all your photos in the album “Xmas 2011 at Mums house, Port Arlington”).

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