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“Eron has coached this mob multiple times, made multiple social media accounts to smear my name publicly, and has stoked the fire of this on many occasions and doesn’t seem to be stopping,” Quinn told the court. As of April, the court had formally charged him with four.

“I am in fear of him.” Judge Tynes asked if Quinn had sought help from the police. She told Boston police officers what Gjoni had done, including her allegation that he had turned violent the last time they had sex over the summer, just before their breakup, while she was at a conference in San Francisco. There’s a haunting resonance to Gjoni’s choice of location for our meeting.

Possessed of a boyish face despite his shaggy beard, Gjoni has brown eyes and a skeletal 6-foot-1 frame, and speaks in a matter-of-fact, deadpan monotone.

His friends describe him as “extremely methodical,” “a very intellectual person with semi-decent people skills,” insular, rational, and almost preternaturally calm.

Both seemed stuck in adolescence—the types of young adults who tend to burn hot and flame out fast. They met one December night at a dive bar in Harvard Square, snuck into Harvard Stadium, stayed over at Gjoni’s apartment in Chelsea, and got breakfast the next morning at Veggie Galaxy before continuing to hang out.

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Here is a collection of our top gangster games for you to play.A date that began, not unlike many other 21st-century first dates, on Ok Cupid.The algorithms spoke: Gjoni and Quinn were a 98 percent match.Eventually, the machine would have a name: “The Zoe Post,” a 9,425-word screed he published in August.But before he emptied the contents of Quinn’s private life into the gaping maw of a bloodthirsty Internet, back before he instigated the most vicious online backlash against feminism in a generation, there was a first date.

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