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Though she does have an eye for the absurd – immediately spotting a mousetrap under the table of the press office at the National Theatre. She had roles in and then created quite a storm in 2005 playing the young Camilla Parker Bowles, opposite Laurence Fox as Prince Charles, in ITV's royal romance Whatever Love Means. Later, she played Carol Thatcher in the C4 biopic about Margaret Thatcher starring Lindsay Duncan.

It doesn't take much for Poulet's patrician blonde good looks to turn cartoonish.

"I married a Teletubby – this hopeless dull rotund man – for money and power," Poulet says.

"It's a sexless, loveless marriage."Poulet has been building up a name for interesting theatre.

The original German play, written by Carl Zuckmayer, was first staged in Germany in 1931 as the Nazis gained power.Although it's set in 1910, the spectre of Hitler hovers over the production. "One minute you're welling up and the next it's cartoon physical comedy," Poulet says. The set design will convey that crazy, hedonistic side of Berlin."Unable to get a job or his papers, Sher's character, petty criminal, Voigt, picks up a military uniform in a fancy-dress shop, holds the Mayor to ransom, and confiscates the town's treasury.Poulet finds it chilling that the Prussian cult of the uniform means the town is all-too-willing to obey an impostor's orders.It makes you uncomfortable, in a good way."It is, she admits, "quite a boys' piece"."We've got a plethora of older men in the cast which is such a joy, it takes the heat out of the rehearsal room in a way."But then, she did learn to hold her own with the boys on , including Roger Allam's Coalition minister and his weaselish bag-carrier, played by comedian Will Smith.

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