Native american necklace dating

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As the distinctive and traditional necklace of Native American origin, they effectively serve as a conversation piece and a statement piece wrapped into one.

Wearing beautiful jewelry is always fun, but necklaces with a story behind them are even better.

Buy Your Squash Blossom Necklace Today Each and every piece of jewelry in our collection is authentic and handcrafted by talented Native American artists from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo tribes.

When you purchase squash blossom necklaces from us, you can be certain you're getting an item of the highest quality that is designed to last.

At first, the Navajo concentrated on using silver to create concha type jewelry such as concha belts, bracelets, Native American rings, pins, necklaces, and hair ornaments.

Within the next thirty years, Sani had taught many other Navajo to be silversmiths and use silver in jewelry.

The Navajo enjoyed using the cross or crescent shaped naja on rawhide necklaces and it became a symbol of power.It is not known when the Navajo began using silver to make their jewelry, but best estimates are that Atsidi Sani was the first Navajo silversmith and that he learned to use silver in jewelry around the early 1860s.To get silver to make jewelry, the Navajo often melted down silver coins.Our squash blossom necklaces are ideal for anyone who truly appreciates the beautiful Native American history.Whether you're looking for something to add to your personal jewelry selection or a gift for someone special, the allure of these necklaces goes much deeper than the stunning piece of jewelry you see on the surface.

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