Nandos tv ad online dating

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The aim was to extend exposure of the company's tongue-in-cheek CEO advert by taking it online.

The clip - a cheeky stab at Cell C's own viral marketing stunt - went on to become the most voluntarily watched South African ad, with over 100 000 views in a week.

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A lot of companies miss the point, says Attree, because they don't actually ask customers which platforms they use.

South African spicy chicken restaurant Nando’s is opening its newest location at Rosslyn’s Central Place on Monday (March 12), the company announced today.

A press release noted that players with a Washington sports team will make an appearance for a grand opening charity event to benefit “local underserved youth,” but a Nando’s representative declined to be more specific.

Running a campaign for a month on Facebook and then failing to post again after it's over will anger your fans and make them feel used.”She says there are plenty of good digital, social media and content strategies available.

“Put one in place so you can use your social channels effectively, to help you achieve your business goals.”[EMBEDDED]Another outcome of the increase in Web and social media technologies is that consumers hold a new position of power, where they help shape the nature and perception of brands.

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