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Lack of storage space Paperwork can take up a significant amount of space, and this requirement will only get bigger as the number of documents you accrue grows.

Furthermore, documents will typically need to be stored close to hand so that they can be accessed as quickly as possible.

Paper files often cannot be edited directly, forcing users to make new copies to update old files.

To distribute data on paper files, users must mail, fax or scan the data.

Faster data access time can increase the productivity of managers, analysts, accountants and other workers who use data on a regular basis.

Traditional file systems are cumbersome in that they do not allow users to easily edit files or send information to others.

Electronic data can also be damaged by software security problems like computer viruses.

On the other hand, paper files can be lost in fires and floods, but electronic data is easy to backup in multiple locations, reducing the potential for permanent data loss.

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Electronic files are usually accessible on a network, which means it's possible for an unauthorized person to gain access to electronic data over the Internet through hacking methods.

Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September 2008 and has also authored three novels. Real estate is a particularly paperwork-heavy industry, whether you're dealing with sale and rental agreements, property management forms, lease applications or invoices.

Managing this ever-growing abundance of documents requires a system to ensure that information is filed, found and retrieved quickly and efficiently.

Inefficient document transportation Transporting documents in a paper-based system is often problematic.

While it is possible to fax, courier or deliver files in person, this is slow and inefficient.

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