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Growing up, they would play lots of games in which Alex would get really mad if she lost, and literally beat Jim up. One time they were playing Chase the Princess, a completely made up game in which Jim would chase Alex as if he were a pirate chasing a princess, complete with a metal bat as a sword, but never hitting her, of course..was all pretend. If speeddial were still a thing, she'd be at the top of his list, and he'd be at the top of hers.They ran around, then swapped roles, ('cause who doesn't want to be a princess? Alex then took the metal bat from Jim, brought it over her head, and hit him with every ounce of strength she could possibly muster in her 6 yr old frame. As they got older, they would deal with bullies (Alex would whoop their asses), bad friends (they'd drive the neighborhood and spy to expose the lies of shady kids), and sporting events (well...that's a stretch on Jim's side because Alex would be really proud of his musical theatre performances, which she never missed..you can call that a sport..he'd go to her basketball games and watch her literally destroy some girls - ask me for specific stories). They talk through everything - from job woes to people-watching adventures to deciding which type of cookie to get for a snack (her favorite is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip).

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So it was even that much sweeter when she met Jim for the first time and decided instantly that they were best friends. She has an unending well of enthusiasm for her friends' successes, and of compassion when they need it most, plus a healthy helping of take-no-shit determination to fight for her friends and what she believes in.

Alex has always been there for Jim, in good times and bad. They've been siblings for as long as they can remember, and partners in crime for almost all of that time.

Although she's younger, he has always looked up to her as the perfect example of how to be a tough, strong person with a deep moral center, while at the same time being fun, compassionate, and caring. Even as kids, they'd swap war stories of attempts to out-logic Mom & Dad in arguments and debates.

So I guess all the looking-up is paying off :)Adaire is Dan's other soulmate. Somehow she didn't shun him forever, but instead, taught him how to perfect a southern accent, became his best friend, and for five years, his girlfriend and partner in all things.

They became friends in high school when Sophomore Dan thought that the best way to flirt with the cute and talented freshman girl was to peel a piece of duct tape off the wall and put it over her mouth. When Dan came out, she was the first to know, and she was there for him every step of the way, even despite what that meant for her.

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