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Co-Starring: Meshach Taylor (Anthony Bouvier) Recurring cast: Scott Bakula (Ted Shively), Richard Gilliland (J. Shackleford), Priscilla Weems (Claudia Shively), Brian Lando (Quinton Shively) Dedication: In loving memory of Pauline Thomason and Claudia Bloodworth- Monette, an old schoolmate of Charlene's, buys Chadwick mansion and asks Sugarbaker's to redecorate.At first, the women are excited about the lucrative job, but the assignment is not what they expected.

Meanwhile, Julia takes the current Miss Georgia World to task after overhearing her snide comments about Suzanne.Julia's nineteen-year-old son Payne is bringing his girlfriend home from college for a visit, and Julia wants everything to be perfect.Payne then presents his girl, Primmy, who is tall, attractive, and forty-one years old.Mary Jo is ruminating about her ex-husband's interference in her life and J.D.'s constant interference coming from his ex-wife, Janet.

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