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Trump has seized on the October surprise to put Clinton on the defensive, while Democrats have assailed FBI chief James Comey for breaking with policy and protocol by effectively reopening an investigation into Clinton's handling of state secrets so close to the elections.18 March: Clinton stops using her Black Berry email account and switches to the newly created [email protected]

The domain is hosted on her own private email server, set up by her aide Bryan Pagliano July 6, 2016: The Justice Department closes Clinton email probe and FBI Director James Comey announces the FBI won't prosecute.

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Wikis are a new capability added to IBM Connections 2.5 which facilitate the collaborative creation of web content.

Like Clinton, Abedin used other email accounts besides her account, including a Yahoo account and, Clinton's private server, the according to reports citing sources close to the investigation.

What will come out of the probe and when is not known, but the impact of the FBI's bombshell discovery of the new trove of Clinton emails is already reverberating in the neck-and-neck race for the White House.

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