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These girls end up living with the casting agent for anywhere from a month to(if they are "lucky") 3 months on average.

All with the hopes of "making it big" in the industry.

The point is that when you take a taxi to come to P1, we have to pay the taxi driver.

As a result, we have to make you pay an entrance fee and you cannot enjoy the enormous discounts advertised on our website either.

See full summary » "ADDICTED TO SEXTING", a compelling (and sometimes humorous) look at the rise and proliferation of this social phenomenon from several varying perspectives and how the lives of those ...

We call this head money, they call it a commission.

These girls all live with what I believe they called a casting agent.

Basically a not very bright man who posts on websites offering attractive women flights to Miami.

This question about drugs is never asked and while we do see some of the amateur porn "actresses" smoking marijuana, it would have been interesting to find out if harder drugs are used commonly within the house.

At one point in the documentary, the dimmest bulb, Jade(24 years old), makes comments on her breasts.

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