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Complains of pain in the ears, more or less indefinite in lo- cation, and character, sometimes evidently located at mastoid re- gion.Mc Curdy says : "Some most troublesome complications may be as- rase 4.As stated above in ."() i)cr cent of people there is not room at the angle of the mandible for the wisdom tooth to erupt.Optical examination will show an active or passive congestion at tlie same location.Pre- vious to this time the man had been advised to have his teeth care- fully looked after, whicli he had done to the best of his knowledge and ability, the dentist reporting no disease of the teeth.Examination revealed tenderness of the right submaxillary gland with slight enlargement.The opening of the tube is so necessary that Sohier Bryant claims that inflammations of the middle ear, except in cases of hematic origin, rarely cause mastoid or endo-cranial complications when the tube is open.It is hard to find a dentist who will acknowledge that perhaps there exists an impacted wisdom tooth-bud, and that perhajjs all the filling and refilling, extracting and treating of teeth wcnild have been unnecessary if the true cause of the patient's complaint had been diagnosed at the start: The writer has finally found it best to refer such cases to a stomatolo- 110 IDF,: RI-IT.

When private chatting you can upload images one on one with someone you know or if your chatting with strangers.On November 1, 1913, came complaining that the external auditory meati were "stuffy," the head feeling "stuffed up" also.Examination shows the nose, naso-pharynx and larynx normal.It is rather surprising how few patients are able to state definitely whether their wisdom teeth ever erupted and were extracted later.A branch from the chorda tympani connects it with the seventh nerve.

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