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Well, good news for those face gropers, and good news for my face, because there's a new website that can now satisfy both those pogonophiles who can't resist the urge to wrap their figures round some uptown curlies, and attention-seeking beardies.

"Instead of asking if you're single or taken, or looking for men or women, Bristlr simply asks you if you have a beard.

Congrats to @talissabazaz and thanks to all who entered!

Y'know, bios written in one-word sentences that misuse the word “random”.

Even though it's fairly obvious that it's your call whether or not you want to rock a full-on bush or give yourself a Brazilian — or if you want to let your leg hair grow out free as the wind or if you'd rather keep your legs silky and smooth — it's always at least a little interesting to know what men think about it.

If a guy is willing to get naked with you, and undress you, and likes you so much that he puts you on his bed and puts himself inside you...he's not gonna care that your nipples look kinda weird. Ingrown hairs and inflamed flesh do not look good either.

We should be more surprised that it hasn't been around for years.

The internet is slowly swallowing every niche and fetish at an alarming rate.

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