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hope this can help you Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Update Event Args) Handles Gridview1. Edit Index = -1 Then 'Bind Data() Select Record() Create Data Table() Exit Sub End If If e.

For example, I edit the 2nd row (e.rowindex = 1), but it get the 1st row (e.rowindex=0) value. Data Row Then 'Monday Dim Col1_SL = CType(Gridview1.

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Find Control("cb1_SL"), Check Box) .................

Hour = 0 End If End If sql = "start_time='" & Col1_Start Time.

Hour = 0 End If End If sql = "end_time='" & Col1_End Time. Minute & ":00' " sql = "where roster_key='" & Col1_Roster Key.

Find Control("cb2_APH"), Check Box) Dim Col2_TOIL = CType(Gridview1.

Find Control("cb2_TOIL"), Check Box) Dim Col2_Others = CType(Gridview1.

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