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If you’re still looking for more coping methods, see this list of 99 – yes, 99 – ways to cope.

This resource also has suggestions for positive coping, as well as a quick three minute video on feeling stressed or anxious.

In the thought challenge section, you can list the ways that you can effectively challenge the negative and unhelpful thoughts that arise.

Replacing these with positive and realistic thoughts can be a great coping tool.

This worksheet can be helpful for older kids and for adults, since we all wear masks sometimes.

” The third section has space for you to list up to five strengths you have gained because of the traumatic experience.

The final section gives you an opportunity to write down how you feel about your new strengths.

The first part instructs you to list five strengths you already have.

The second provides space to answer the question “Which strengths helped me deal with my trauma experience?

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