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Independence, bold and expansion are your keywords. Travel is your passion and you love to make friends.You are energetic, ambitious, jovial, quick, clever, and explorative and open to new ideas.You appreciate and respect the life as a gift and want to live it with zeal.Gemini is an airy and dual sign whereas Sagittarius is fiery and dual.Opposites do run parallel when both have room for patience but if you both are impatient, you can have a bad temper and can get sarcastic, when in a bad mood.This will make the situation no less than an emergency.Both these signs need a lot of space and have even been known to live in different houses and different countries very happily “together.” Strictly speaking, the Sagittarius woman is the country bumpkin and the Gemini man is the city-slicker, so it makes sense that they would have two houses — one in town and one in the country.Gemini and Sagittarius are bound to have a lot of other people involved in their relationship. If they’re young enough, grandparents will play a big part, too, and it is not unusual for these two to marry from different cultural, religious, or economic backgrounds.

A relationship between these signs will probably begin spontaneously but that will also be the way it will end.He appears to be sensitive and sensuous but not very emotional as his partner. Whereas, Sagittarius woman wants to make him feel the depth of her love.Sagittarius woman is opinionated and sticks to her ideals and beliefs and opposite to it is the Gemini man, who will collect information and choose the best suitable option for himself.Then he will count all your negative points one by one. Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris If a Gemini man is ever interested in a Sagittarius woman, it’s because secretly he’s ready to straighten up and fly right. Gemini will monkey around with anything from taxes to 5-finger discounts, and Sagittarius is there to slap his hand.

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