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So you better be ready to get to the floor extremely early each day to attempt to get your toy. Just follow those rules and your first time at Comic-Con will be a blast. We'll be at all the big panels, attending all the big parties, covering all the big booths and interviewing all the big celebrities!

Hunting down exclusives can take up your entire time, so prioritize which ones you want and prepare to wait in line. Rule #10: Casual fans, beware If you're a casual fan attending Comic-Con and you don't really care about seeing the panels or getting exclusives, you'll want to avoid the convention center right as it opens each day as there will be a rush of people trying to get in the second the doors open. Comic-Con is not gentle to first-timers, but it'll be fun. If you want an all-access pass to Comic-Con from the comfort of your couch or if you're in San Diego this week and you want to stalk us, just follow us on Twitter.

UPDATE [09/06/2016]: 2016 – 2017 dates, locations, pricing, and new names of select conventions. Thanks to your excellent feedback on this article, I’m starting a series of geek convention round-ups. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list, but a carefully curated one based on my experiences and those of my convention-pro friends.

They’re a curated resource to see when the convention is happening and what’s worth seeing there. It’s definitely not a requirement to be a certifiable geek on a topic. Location: Seattle, WA Dates: TBA (likely Labor Day Weekend 2017, September 1-4) Ticket price: – 0 (Registration will likely open Spring 2017.

From Spider-Man to Wonder Woman; meet the creators, discover your new favorite series, and enjoy the heart of comic con. As the region’s leading comicon, Cincinnati Comic Expo is staying true to the heritage of the event by bringing attendees the chance to meet the best and brightest from local industry talent.

Coupled with rare and sought after signing events, it is an event that will leave you feeling satisfied.

If you are hoping to look professional and not sloppy, a tee and blazer combo with jeans and comfy yet stylish shoes are a good bet. Think you'll only wait 30 minutes for this obscure, small panel? It's about lowering your expectation for a short wait and being pleasantly surprised when you get in earlier than you thought. Rule #5: You will live and die by your phone's battery panel or take photos of all the crazy costumes, and no one wants to try and find an outlet and then sit by that outlet while your phone charges.

If you're just dressing normal, then we urge you to wear comfortable shoes as you'll be walking and standing for hours and hours and hours.

Bring a sweater or something to throw on in case the ballrooms are chilly.

We're veterans of Comic-Con, so we know what we're talking about when it comes to the brouhaha that is this convention.

If this is not your first time down at the 'Con, then you know that nobody actually calls it the "'Con." That was a test. As for you first-timers, we have some rules for attending the big San Diego show.

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