Funny questions to ask a girl on a dating site

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Just be prepared to see some of the worst dance moves of your life. This is really just a unique and fun question I’m sure she’ll have a quick answer for! What happens when you “get scared half to death” twice? Another grand question that will let her have fun and be creative.

If you could choose a movie title for your life, what would it be?

But if she picks you, I’d take that as a definite sign she likes you. We all THINK about doing certain illegal things every once in awhile, but we never really talk about it.

Find out what hidden talents she has under her belt- you might be very surprised with her answer! Sometimes girls just want to go have fun on a shopping spree, you know? Find out just what happened on one of the worst dates of her life- you might get a good laugh in with this one! If you could commit any crime without getting in trouble, which one would it be?

We all have AT LEAST one- you know, those hidden talents that only 1% of your friends or family members will EVER see just because it is so ridiculously random and weird. I have to warn you: you might need to prepare yourself to be let down with this one. Has this girl been the victim of one of these awful scenarios? I think even the girls who can twerk like no other in the club still have silly dance moves they try out when they are alone!

This is obviously a silly question- but I’m kind of dying to know the answer.

Maybe she’ll have an interesting reply to this one!

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