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So we may end up with a great proposed law, which we can’t pass due to too many National misogynists in Parliament.

Though given the expected length of time for a review, it’ll probably be the next Parliament which has to deal with this anyway, so we’ll at least get a chance to fix that first.

In a post yesterday, The Mound offered a searing assessment of Justin Trudeau's abject failure on the climate-change file.

Only the most ardent acolytes of the Prime Minister will fail to see that his soaring rhetoric has far outpaced his level of achievement.

Reform is likely to be supported by the Prime Minister, liberal members of her party and the Green Party.

Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn: A review by the Law Commssion is a good idea – it will formally document how badly the current archaic law works, while examining more modern laws from overseas (e.g. And it should give us decent draft legislation for any change. In order to get enough votes, any bill will need substantial support from National, but their current leadership contest shows that even “liberals” like Amy Adams are grovelling to the Christian right and defending the status quo.

One thing is certain in my mind,whatever option he chooses: in 'going to the mats' for the petroleum industry, Justin Trudeau will be making abundantly transparent that he is little more than a servile enabler of the neoliberal agenda.

Today we celebrate the hard work of activists on the inside and externally, who've fought for so long to have this brought to the table.

She’s implicitly following what I’ve sometimes called the research incumbency rule: that, once an article is published in some approved venue, it should be taken as truth.

In it, you see men of the 1970s trying to cater for a system that reduces the number of women dying of sepsis in unsafe, illegal abortions, while still forcing most women to give birth in most cases whether they like it or not.

The Commission focused on the reason for the abortion.

“If the national interest is given over to the extremes on the left or the right, if the voices of the moderate majority of Canadians are forgotten, the reverberations of that will tear at the fabric of Confederation for many, many years to come,” Notley said.

None of these options is desirable, but again, Trudeau has brought himself to this precipice by his love of his own public image and rhetoric.

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