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But even non-writers who find it difficult to create worlds, characters, and plots by themselves could gain enjoyment from this simple texting game., one of you begins the story by texting a sentence to the other.

The other person then texts the second sentence in the story back to the first person.

Your opponent then has to guess what it is you have spied, with only the first letter of the object to guess from.

Variations include giving clues after each negative response to a wrong guess, or limiting the number of guesses allowed.

Assuming you’re not exclusively interested in instrumental music, you’ll know certain lines from certain songs game plays on that by having one person quote lines from a song to the other via text.

The other person then has to guess the song the lyrics are from.

It’s even possible to abbreviate your entire life by describing what you are up to with just the first letters of each word in that description.” becomes “IACSIT” — and the other sets about trying to un-abbreviate your short sentence back to its original form. Variations include giving more than just the first letter of each word, and abbreviating something other than your current activity.

Such as what you truly think of the person you are playing against. They detail everything from our chores for the day is a competitive game in which each player takes a turn to name something belonging to a particular genre.

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Your Yes/No responses help the guesser narrow down the possibilities until they can make an educated guess as to exactly you were thinking of.

This is the classic Begin by telling your opponent where you are to at least give them a fighting chance.

Then look around your environment until your mind’s eye fixes on something in particular.

You could also change it to , for instance, may be a little more intense than just a peck on the cheek.

However, the basic concept is the same, and is fun as long as no offense is taken by the answers given.

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