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That is, Phoenix didn’t become that type of city until the decision was made for me.

My car was stolen in November of 2013, and that was impetus enough for me to try a car-less lifestyle in seemingly one of the most un-friendly cities for such a lifestyle.

It’s Phoenix after all, and distances and infrastructure isn’t anything like other big cities.

Sometimes I need to get a little further afield and Zip Car is an ingenious service everyone should try out some time.

Walking from my apartment to the core of Downtown Phoenix near City Scape takes about 20 minutes.

A perfect walk to do at night or with visiting family and friends.

To learn more about riding transit in Phoenix, check out this article from community member, Daisy Day.

I like that on a bike I become a direct part of the fabric of the city rather than observing it from behind a wheel.

Maybe it costs me a few more trips to the shoe store for new kicks periodically, but I can’t complain about that 🙂The light rail has truly transformed Central Phoenix, and is a reason I ended up staying here.

I haven’t used the bus in years as light rail really gets me where I need to go, and living 2 blocks from it doesn’t hurt.

I bike for my daily trips to get to coffee shops that double as my office for work.

I also use it as a means to connect to the light rail for longer trips that would be a bit out of reach for biking on its own.

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