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But this denial of sexuality carries a covert admission of the possibilities of homosexuality, which, of course, is inadmissible." Kolker says the main characters typically have relationships with female secondary characters who are relegated to the background.In the 1962 Italian film Il sorpasso (English title: The Easy Life), the characters Roberto and Bruno spend time together and grow emotionally attached.

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The history of the film's release added to its cult status: the studio that produced went out of business within weeks of its release, ensuring that it only had a brief run in theaters.Pretty soon the bodies start piling up as Veronica realizes that J. is a psychopath with ambitions tied into his nihilistic views of human behavior.This was one of the most cynical (albeit funny) films of the era, and a cult favorite that's famous largely for reasons completely different from what the writer wanted.It was a more serious police procedural film noir that served as a precursor to the buddy cop film genre.Throughout the 1960s and the 1970s, the feminist movement and "a widespread questioning" of social institutions influenced buddy films.

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